Saturday, April 16, 2011

If Sarah Can Skin A Moose, She Can Skin A Jackass

By Saber

Our former Governor, Sarah Palin, in today's Wisconsin speech, mentioned how patriots are coming out of the duck blinds and down from the tree stands to take back America.

I and a friend, a lone Bushman, heard those words and it set my friend to thinking. My friend has never voted. He wanted to be left alone in "The Great Alone". This has been his deepest wish. His desire for isolation is due to the encroachments of the Federal Government and their regulations. He hides out thirty miles by horseback from the La Due Drainage in some of the roughest Alaskan back country known to man.

After Sarah's speech, he turned and asked me to take him to register to vote and show him how the process works. He stated, "I'm afraid if we don't take our country back during this next election, we will not have one."

Instinctively this man ,who comes from total isolation, knows that what he has loved and cherished for so long will cease to exist should we fail. He has heard her (Sarah Palin's) call!

I have heard her call! We have heard her call! We will come from the deepest hidden lands of Alaska to the Forests of the Adirondacks. We will come up out of the Cajun Bayous of Louisiana and the deserts and the hill country! You will see us come from the Heartland of America. We're here and we are coming to take America back!

Sarah Palin has earned our trust! That's not an easy feat. We Alaskans are some of the most independent and irascible people on earth. We are American Patriots. We are looking to hold onto the freedom of our Forefathers. We have watched our Country being dismantled, our businesses,large and small, driven into Bankruptcy and from our shores. We stood by our Government and died for our Country, but now we watch our Government apologizing to the enemy. The same enemy many of our brave Military men and women fought. Some even tragically died at the hands of these enemies.

As my friend was leaving, he saw my bumper sticker, "If she (Sarah) can skin a moose, she can skin a jackass." He looked at me and stated, " She sure skinned them Jackasses today! And from what I can tell, she's going to hang, skin and quarter some of them pachyderms on her game pole as well".

My next blog will deal with the Tee shirt I bought at Alaska Gun and Pawn. It says,
"My Governor's a woman and she's hot!"


  1. I'm so tired of those who attend elite universities thinking they own the patent on intelligence. Take them hunting or into the wild, and they would curl up and die. That's the difference between all their "book knowledge" and wisdom. True wisdom comes from understanding there are many different kinds of education, and all of them are worthy of respect. Great article Sabers. Sarah Palin 2012

  2. This was awesome Sabers. I've got the boat in the bayou now and ready to cross over. Game On!

  3. Sarah just ran down the court and scored first. She's armed and ready for battle everyone! We The People have her back and won't let her down!