Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All My Friends are Warriors

It seems that most the people I call friends are former military people or people who have a connection in some way with people in the military. I gave this some thought the other day. Why I would gravitate toward people with a military back ground? It seems that these people have a unique outlook on life that you will not find in the general population. Most of these folks have seen the best that life has to offer, but a lot of people can say that. What these warriors all have in common and different is that they have seen the worst that life has to offer and they rose above it.

My friends have gone into harms way to protect their family, friends and country, knowing full well there was a good chance they would never see home again. They embrace life, but also stood toe to toe an eye to eye with death. They never blinked even if it meant they would die. They realized that there was something bigger then themselves and that what they left at home was worth dying for in some strange and far away land.

They are a tolerant people because they have fought the intolerant. They are a compassionate people because they have fought against cruelty. When they see the American flag, they see more than a symbol, they see home, and when that flag is being whipped around by the winds of war, they are there to hold it steady. Yes G-d has blessed me with such friends, an G-d has blessed this country with these fine men an women. So when the days seem dark, always know they are out there, because these are people who do not fear the dark. They are my friends.

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