Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gov. Palin at Madison, WI Tea Party Rally: "Obama, Game On!"

"President Obama, Game on!" Governor Palin today said near the conclusion of her fiery speech delivered before tens of thousands and viewed by over 20 million on CBS's UStream channel. Madison, Wisconsin is "the front lines of the battle for the future of our country," Gov. Palin said. "The line in the sand" has been drawn. Gov. Palin said she is speaking as "a former union member, the wife of a union member, the daughter of school teachers, and as a tax payer."

"Union bosses protecting their own power is not real solidarity. The Tea Party is real solidarity," Gov. Palin said. "Courage is standing in the face of death threats...your governor did the right thing, and people still have their jobs because of it," she said about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker whose bill removed collective bargaining privileges for public workers, but prevented massive state layoffs. She dismissed the budget cuts offered by Beltway insiders as capitulation.

"To the GOP establishment, if you stand on the platform, we will stand with you! We have your back!," Gov. Palin declared. "We didn't elect you to re-arrange the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic!" Gov. Palin praised female hockey players in Wisconsin and said the GOP should "learn how to fight like a girl!"

"Candidate Obama promised to cut the deficit in half. He tripled it!" she said. Obama "flushed $1 billion down the drain and bragged about jobs created in Congressional districts that don't even exist." On big government, Gov. Palin said, "we don't want it, we can't afford it and we are unwilling to pay for it!" She said that the economy will not recover through "solar shingles and very fast trains."

"All aboard the Bullet Train to Bankruptcy...Winning the Future? WTF is about right!" Gov. Palin said. "The only future [Obama] is trying to win is his own and he is mortgaging your children's future to do it. That's not the 'audacity of hope'! That's cynicism," she said.

"President Obama, you don't have our consent! You ignored the will of the people, when you rammed through ObamaCare...when you ran the deficit to $14 billion...supported government-funded abortions, but threw our brave men and women under the bus, started a third war we couldn't afford...and manipulated our energy supply while praising other nations' drilling," she said. "We're not going to get used to it! Not now! Not ever!"

"When the history of the Tea Party is written, what you accomplished will not be forgotten. We will take courage and we will take back our country. It starts here in Madison, Wisconsin!...President Obama, Game on!"

Governor Palin’s Speech At Tea Party Rally, in Madison, WI – April 16 2011
retrieved from PalinTV

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