Thursday, April 14, 2011

Human Events, Tony Lee: "Top 10 Dissuade Palin from Running"

Human Events 2012 Chase editor and columnist Tony Lee today wrote, "Top Ten Ways the GOP Establishment and Mainstream Media Try to Dissuade Sarah Palin From Running For President," which is the conclusion of his two-part series on why he thinks Gov. Palin is running for President in 2012.

Lee wrote the 10 reasons cited by the GOP establishment and the media for why they think Gov. Palin will not run are: kingmaker/queenmaker, "making money and being a celebrity," "too divisive" ("polarizing" is the word most often used), extreme, "not serious," "incites racism and violence," not doing things the traditional way, family to raise, cheerleader, and "you are (insert name of extremist with no chance of winning here)."

Lee then goes on to cite six reasons he believes these attacks make Gov. Palin stronger. In summary those are: she could run just on spite; if the GOP thinks her campaign would fail, her defeat would serve their interests; the attacks dilute her celebrity status, galvanizing her base; in a viciously anti-establishment cycle, the GOP would establishment would have tried to make Gov. Palin seem like one of them; the bar has been lowered to her political advantage; and by mocking Gov. Palin, should another candidate get the GOP nomination, her fervent supporters might stay home and not vote in the 2012 election.

See US for Palin's synopsis on Tony Lee's opening column Tony Lee, Human Events: Top 10 Reasons Palin Running for Prez

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