Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gov. Palin on Pirro: "Everything Fair Game for Budget Cuts"

"Everything is fair game" for budget cuts, Governor Palin said last night in a two-segment interview on Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro. "The Tea Party wants government to be smaller and smarter," she said. The federal government grew by over 28% and only 1% was cut. The Tea Party did not get what they wanted, Gov. Palin said.
Judge Pirro asked if the Democrats' characterization of cutting funding to Planned Parenthood as anti-woman was a harbinger of things to come in 2012. Gov. Palin said "it is along the same lines as calling the Tea Party racist and it is a preview of what's to come in 2012."

Gov. Palin said Obama "used our troops as pawns and leverage" and "would not go to bat for them when he vowed to veto the bill that would fund them." She said it reveals that Obama is willing to play games with our military to get what he wants.

In response to Judge Pirro's question about the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling, Gov. Palin said, "If the debt ceiling is not raised, there will not be an economic collapse. The federal government takes in $6 billion per does not need to shut down." She added that raising the limit is tantamount to no limit and we will only dig ourselves deeper in debt. "We will be beholden to and owned by other nations," Gov. Palin said.

Gov. Palin also said that everything is fair game. "Even Social Security must be cut. It's like a pyramid or Ponzi scheme," she said. Not enough people are paying into the system. Gov. Palin said Social Security can no longer be considered "a third rail of politics that cannot be touched." The alternative is for the country to go bankrupt, and be owned by other nations. Then there would be no Social Security, Medicare, or other entitlements at all.

Gov. Palin said national defense and other priority items necessary for the government to function must be fully funded. She said the Ryan proposal was a good start and praised Sen. Paul Ryan's courage in proposing it, but it does not go far enough and is not aggressive enough.

Judge Pirro asked Gov. Palin about recall efforts underway in Wisconsin against those who supported Gov. Walker's position on collective bargaining for public workers. Gov. Palin said she is not surprised, because of the lies ginned up by the left and by the media. She said people should be storming state capitals for irresponsible spending, not for cutting spending.

Judge Pirro asked Gov. Palin what she thought about Donald Trump's possible 2012 Presidential run and his pursuit of Obama's birth certificate. "I appreciate that the Donald wants to spend his resources to get to the bottom of something of interest to him and so many Americans, that President Obama spent $2 million to not show. More power to [Trump]," Gov. Palin said. She added that she thinks Obama was born in Hawaii, since his birth announcement did appear in a local newspaper there.

When asked about Trump's proposal that we take Iraqi oil to be compensated for the cost of liberating them, Gov. Palin said that while she likes the idea of being compensated, "I would rather drill here in Alaska, ANWR, off-shore," and use our domestic resources.

On 2012, Gov. Palin said she has not made a decision yet, and that more candidates in a contested primary is better. "Competition makes everyone better," she said.

4/09/2011 -- Gov Palin's interview with Judge Jeanine 1/2 retrieved from SarahNET.

4/09/2011 -- Gov Palin's interview with Judge Jeanine 2/2 retrieved from SarahNET.

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