Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sarah and Goliath (Part 2)

By Robert Wiles

On March 30, 2011, I wrote a blog titled "Sarah and Goliath." I now feel compelled to add on to the first blog, thus the title "Sarah and Goliath (Part 2). As of this writing, I have read two articles that confirm the theories I wrote about in my first blog. You can read the articles here and here. I concur with the author of these writings and have myself written on the subject on several occasions. My First blog, "Why We Need Sarah To Succeed" outlines my theories regarding the Left's, Elites' and Media's efforts to besmirch Sarah. And their crusade continues today with as much vile and hatred as ever.

It has become evident to me that party affiliation has nothing to do with elitism, but power does, the power of control. If one doesn't follow certain "rules" that have been set up by the elite, you are anathema and you need to be destroyed. Sarah Palin does not follow the elite's rules; therefore, "Operation Destroy" has been enacted. For decades, we the people have been told what to do, what to believe in, who to vote for and how to think. The elites have ruled the roost for years. Who are these elites? I will described them as such: they are the ones that want your vote, your viewership, your alliance, but not your well being or individuality.

If we take a close look at Sarah Palin's history, there is no alliance between her and the elitist establishment at all. She is her own individual and stands firm on her values and principles. She refuses to be controlled by anyone on the Left or the Right. That doesn't set well with the powers that be. Sarah strongly believes in the Republican Party's planks and basic platform; unfortunately, some in the Party have moved away from these fundamental truths that have proven time and time again to be successful. Governor Palin has a strong "We The People" base, and this has caused a great fear in the upper echelon. With Sarah Palin in power, elitism will fail. Sarah vs. Goliath.

Goliath (elitism) lives in fear. They have never seen such an uprising of "the people" rallying around one person who isn't "of their kind." They fear who she talks to, who she cares about and who she gives her attention to: We The People. She doesn't need focus groups because she knows where her focus is...the people. So, why the false polling, false reporting, and hate and vile spewing? Ah! Yes, Sarah is not only for the people, she is also of the people. So, in fearing Sarah Palin, who do the elites really fear? You! In bashing and lying about Sarah Palin, they are really bashing and lying about you!

We are being told that Gov. Palin doesn't "abide by the rules." Whose rules may I ask? The rules of the elites? If they are waiting for Sarah to play by their rules, they have a mighty long wait. She's not going to do it. She's not going to do it in her life, her bus tour or her possible candidacy for President of The United States. Period. While we're on the subject of rules, let me ask a few questions. Whose rules put this Country's unemployment rate in the double digits? Whose rules have put the housing market in peril? Whose rules have put America in a debt crisis? Whose rules have put Americans at the highest peak ever on food stamps? I can go on and on, but I think you get the point. The "rules" of the elites just don't cut it anymore...and actually, never have.

So, it will no longer be Sarah and Goliath. It is now Sarah and David(s). We Americans are now "David" and we will help Sarah Palin restore this Nation to its former glory. When Sarah wins, we the people win. When Sarah succeeds, we the people succeed. We don't need to have a Yale or Harvard vocabulary. All we need to know is that our neighbors are unemployed and losing their homes to foreclosure. We have been promised by the Harvard and Yale educated folks that things are getting better, but if we look around, it won't take long to figure out that they are not. No, we don't need an elitist mentality or an elitist vocabulary, we need Sarah Palin!

Robert Wiles

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