Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sarah Alone Isn't Enough. . .

With 3,074,560+ fans on Facebook, with crowds flocking her every move, it is undeniable that Sarah Palin attracts those who share her values of a “commonsense constitutional conservative.”  She also attracts the curious and those who are waiting for any word they can misconstrue to misrepresent her to the public.

Why the crowds?  It is simple.  Sarah Palin resonates with PEOPLE. Obama resonates with the MEDIA.

When you hear Sarah speak in public it is magic, just like it was with Reagan. She touches your heart. It is like she is talking just to you.  She says the things you believe and she says them with true passion.  She loves our country, she loves our military and she wants our country to thrive again, to be number-one in the world again.  She makes you believe it is possible, that it will happen.

As she travels the country on her bus, she will talk to hundreds of real PEOPLE and she will have that same affect on them. As she does, they will want to know the truth about her, not the lies the media has perpetrated.  From where will that truth come?  This is why Sarah is simply not enough.  She doesn’t have the advantage of an adoring media.  Instead, she needs us.  That truth will come from us.

It is our responsibility as citizens to BECOME the media. We must take it upon ourselves to educate those around us by whatever means we have been given.  When people say “she can’t be elected,” don’t agree and don’t give up.  Instead, ask “Why?” When you get that “deer in the headlights” look,  educate them as to just why she CAN (and will) be elected.

When people present a “problem” the media has touted about Sarah Palin, be ready to counter it with the truth, and don’t be apologetic! Don’t be wishy-washy! Speak boldly!  Speak confidently!  Speak it over and over again! Speak the truth wherever lies, doubts and questions abound.  Your friends will trust you more than they trust the unknown media.

Your belief, your confidence, your authority will give them hope, will give them inspiration, will give them belief! 

We ARE the media today! We ARE Sarah’s Media! 

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