Friday, June 3, 2011

Gov. Palin on Hannity: 3rd Party will rise if no GOP Restoration

A third party will rise up if the GOP continues to resist common-sense Constitutional conservatives who were swept into office in the 2010 mid-term elections, Governor Palin said to night in a three-segment interview with Sean Hannity from an undisclosed location likely in New Hampshire.

She said the GOP has strong planks but "needs to get its stuff together." A third party could split the conservative vote, resulting in another four years of Obama. Gov. Palin predicted dire consequences if Obama were to be re-elected: "We cannot have four more years of Obama...the nation will go bankrupt, and we won't have a friend in the world," because he will have angered all our allies.

Gov. Palin said she has great respect for the Ryan plan and that Obama is lying about it cutting Medicare, and leaving those with autism and Down Syndrome to their own devices. To the contrary, the Ryan Plan saves Medicare, Gov. Palin said. On our current economic path, Medicare would cease to exist at all, because a bankrupt nation would not be able to fund the program. Obama also cut Medicare when ObamaCare was enacted into law.

When questioned about her Presidential aspirations, Gov. Palin said "I love my freedom and individualism. You don't need a title to effect change." She dismissed as sensationalistic media coverage over her statement that Romney would face challenges because of the mandates associated with RomneyCare.

On Donald Trump, Gov. Palin had met him prior to the bus tour and she admires him for his business acumen, being a non-politician, and holding Obama accountable for things like the birth certificate.

"We should find inspiration in all these candidates, they all have their strengths," she said. But, Gov. Palin said, "shared values are not enough." She fears that many of the 2012 hopefuls will "not be aggressive enough," giving in to fear and political correctness. "We need a fundamental restoration of America," Gov. Palin said emphasizing the theme that underpinned her Northeast bus tour.

On MSNBC's accusation that the bus tour violated US Flag Code by using a flag to advertize, Gov. Palin said, "What a goof! ...What a joke! [The MSNBC reporter] has no clues what the laws are." She said the "this week of touring was one of the best weeks of my life, meeting with wonderful Americans," and spending time with her family.

On 2012, Gov. Palin said she would not be running a traditional campaign and never has. A decision on whether she will run is weeks away.

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