Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Time is Now. Revive, Renew, Restore Reagan Conservatism

The sun is rising....

Easter Sunday is a celebration of rebirth and resurrection....

...redemption and starting life...

A new day is beginning.

Let this Easter Sunday herald a new era...

...not a fundamental transformation to an effete Western European style socialist nation, but a return to our founding principles, American exceptionalism, and the pioneering spirit that built our country.

The Time is NOW!

Revive, Renew, and Restore Reagan Conservatism.

Join Organize4Palin and support a Transformational Leader who sees our country's greatness as being in YOU; a Leader who will not apologize for our exceptional nation; a Leader who will stare evil in the eye and destroy it; a Leader who will take good in her arms and protect it; a Leader who is the Second Amendment's Guardian Angel and who understand and respects the Tenth Amendment; a Leader who has already put upholding the Constitution ahead of even her own strongly held beliefs; a Leader who supports low taxes, free markets, energy independence, a strong national defense; and a Leader whose values foster a culture of Life and Human Dignity. Support a Leader who is the voice for those who have none. Support a leader who stands up and does the right thing, even when she suffers for it.

Governor Sarah Palin is a Leader You can be Proud Of.

Donate Now!

Your donations to O4P New York State will help defray the costs associated with printed materials for mass distribution. Please help us lay the groundwork and infrastructure needed to support Gov. Palin moving forward. To donate, please click the widget. We thank you for your generosity and support.

The sun has risen.

A new era has begun.

Are you ready to answer the call?

Join us and donate.
-Praesis ut prosis, ne ut imperis.
-Lead in order to serve, not in order to rule.

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