Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Birth Certificate

By Ambusher

I believe that the Obama birth certificate issue is nonsense and is not going anywhere. There are so many problems facing this nation; therefore, the focus on this issue is disheartening. It is the old shell game and many in the GOP fell for it.

Some say that people are obsessed with Sarah Palin, but fail to recognize that the same can be said about the birth certificate brouhaha. The current President can be taken apart on the issues, but instead people are talking about where he was born. Now why is that? It is because of a snake oil salesman named Donald Trump (much like Obama) came on the scene and took the birth certificate issue and ran with it. And with him he dragged the rest of the GOP. Where are we now? Well, we have spent valuable time and looked silly following the snake oil salesman around.

It's time to get back to the issues that really matter: the socialization of America and how to stop it. I'll admit, even I let this non-issue distract me when I knew better. I will not let it happen again. Keep this up and we will have 4 more years of Obama. The media has done a great disservice to the American people by hyping up this story and feeding it to us. When we saw the media hype, it should have been our first clue that we were being set up. Remember, the media carries the water for Obama.

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