Friday, April 29, 2011

The Audacity Of Hatred.

By Robert Wiles

By now, we all have heard of Wonkette's disgusting rhetoric concerning Trig Palin. It was Trig's third birthday, his mother, Sarah Palin, tweeted a birthday wish and the left went into a hissy fit. What the Wonkette website said about this special needs child was so distasteful that many advertisers pulled their ads from the page. Attacking an adult in such a vile manner is bad enough, but a child with downs syndrome? What makes the matter even worse is that they are using the child to try to get to his mother. Honestly, what can we expect when the words decency and moral aptitude are not part of the far Left's vocabulary? So, where is the media who are so quick to jump on any Sarah Palin story? Where is the Republican leadership? Only one potential presidential candidate was willing to stand up for Sarah Palin: Herman Cain. As for the rest, you could hear crickets for miles. This is not the first time we hear disparaging remarks spoken against Trig and his family. We have people like comedian Louis C.K., Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, Andrew Sullivan and many others who make smearing Sarah Palin and her family their life's agenda. What a sad life that must be! When Senator Ted Stevens was tragically killed in a plane crash, two Democratic Representatives were caught saying that they wished it was Sarah Palin on that plane. Yes, they later apologized, but that doesn't change the original sentiment of those words. Death threats are not new to the Palin family. Bristol Palin received death threats while competing on Dancing With The Stars and Sarah Palin received death threats when she was accused of murder in the Tucson, Arizona shooting spree. Yes, their hate is vile, but it doesn't stop with Sarah Palin.

Recently, former MSNBC host, Keith Olbermann said the following about Conservative commentator and writer S.E. Cupp, "S.E. Cupp should have never been born". It should be noted that Mr. Olbermann got the ax from MSNBC and is now working for Current T.V, Al Gore's network. Olbermann did not like what Ms. Cupp had to say concerning abortion within the social policies of the GOP. You can listen to the discussion here. You can also find S.E. Cupp's rebuttal here. In the past few years, we have seen the vile generated against the Tea Party, words of damnation, accusations of racism and just hate in general. So, why all the hate? Here's my answer: derangement.

To be a Conservative woman who believes in the sanctity of life is almost like a cancer to many on the far Left. They somehow feel the need to destroy you. We can debate the abortion issue all day and still not come to an agreement, but is it necessary to spew so much hate? It is no secret that I am pro life (and I'm a male.) I don't believe that life is a lottery, but a gift from God. I've always wondered, for those who look upon life as a lottery, would you be willing to give up the life you now hold close to your bosom? If not, why do you now dictate who can cherish what you have been fortunate to see live?

Yes, the Left hate women such as Sarah Palin and S.E. Cupp, not just because they are women, but they are CONSERVATIVE women. The far Left hates anyone who disagrees with their agenda. It's a "do it my way or the highway" mentality for the Left. Patriots, the highway the Left wants you to take is the Highway to Hell. Yes, we are not just hated for speaking out, we are hated for who we are and what we believe in. Sarah chose to give birth to a child with Downs Syndrome. S.E. Cupp speaks up for the unborn; therefore, both women are hated. The unborn is not waste to be disposed like garbage. It is the beginning of life; a life that deserves to see the majestic world of living. For some, life is a lottery, if you win, you get to cherish all the facets of living, if not, you are disposed of as a piece of garbage that rats feed upon. My take on this subject can be found in two great articles that you can read here and here.  As i see it, the Left says that Trig's life is not worthy because of his connect to a life of Downs Syndrome. This is the sort of vile that the Left has thrown at Trig and Sarah Palin. S.E. Cupp is not welcome into the world of the Left because she dares to speak out, as other conservative women do, that life is precious and sacred. To debate against the beliefs of the Left, not only in the atmosphere of abortion but many other social issues, you face consequences of the vile hatred and threats of death because you did not stay quiet and dared to disagree with their agenda.

Yes, I have trouble at times in deeming when this issue of abortion needs to be debated, like in instances of rape and incest, even though any abortion is criminal in my soul. I, myself, am not perfect and that is when I ask for forgiveness for my imperfections. As in the articles concerning a body of a victimized baby, if this is what others are willing to do to a baby, God help us! Many who believe in abortion, believe the pleasure in life is far more important then the consequences. Such beliefs deem the unborn child a mistake due to lack of responsibility..... Maybe you should look at your mom and say "Thank you" for her believing in life....YOUR LIFE!!!!!

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