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One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion - 3/16/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

There's a old Chinese proverb... At least I think it's Chinese; it could be a Martian proverb for all I know.

May you live in interesting times.

Well, I think we are indeed living in interesting times, as the world seems to be flying apart at the seams; and we're all witnessing the carnage as it happens.

First of all, the world is in massive change mode. Protests and outright coups are being waged all over the Middle East. Europe is on the verge of collapse due to budgetary problems... Austerity is the word de jour.

And back home in the States, we have the Wisconsin protests; seemingly orchestrated by Organize for America (one of Obama's fringe groups). There, anarchists, SEIU union thugs and the 'We Care About Power, Not Education' teachers union members rallied against Gov. Scott Walker. He wants the state-employed union folks to pay their fair share of their retirement and health benefits. Wisconsin, like many other states in America, is nearly broke; thanks to public sector unions wanting more and more money from the private sector, and democrat-led state houses that can do nothing but spend like there's no tomorrow. At the rate these so-called leaders are spending, there won't be a tomorrow for any of us.

As for the unions, they want mainstream America to pay for their ever-increasing retirement benefits and costly health care while their union leaders squander their union dues (that should be covering their benefits), going to the political campaigns of democrats. Imagine that!

Maybe one of these days the union faithful will realize that their union pensions are gone because the union leadership spent it on Obama's re-election campaign and maybe they'll protest their union leadership for a change.

That would be interesting!

Meanwhile, across the Pacific, a 9.0 earthquake rattled Japan, then a tsunami followed. Thousands are dead and missing. A then there are the nuclear power plants that are in the process of melting down. The Japanese people are quietly accepting the fact that their country is in the midst of change, and are not rioting in the streets and demanding the government do this and that (at least so far) or give them free stuff.

Now, if that had happened here, the protesters would be out en force. The anarchists would be rioting and making a nuisance of themselves like always. The lawyers and politicians would be throwing lawsuits galore toward the nuclear plants, and those that designed them. In the meantime, the liberal faithful would be demanding free everything under the sun; making sure some rich person pays for it all. They don't realize that the rich already pay for most all of the social programs and pretty much everything else in America already. The rest comes from the Middle Class, which will be considered rich soon enough. I look for a threshold of $47,500 to be considered rich before too long. But as long as the leaches in our society get's what they want, nothing else matters.

Meanwhile, our glorious leaders on Capitol Hill will spend billions on Congressional Committees looking into the matter, while the talking heads in the MSM would be blaming Bush, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, and the Tea Party for everything. No surprises there, right?

And then there are the Islamic terrorists that are going by the name, 'The Muslim Brotherhood.' Our current administration thinks they are really cool, secular and really great for Egypt and the rest of the Middle East.

Can we say: clueless?

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice (sorry, but The Justice League popped into my head)...

While the world is in crisis mode, back here we have an energy crisis looming, with $4 a gallon gas (or even higher) hitting Mom and Pop America hard in the pocketbooks. Then there's inflation that's beginning to rear its ugly head. Food prices continue to climb, and those people lucky enough to have a job will soon be on food stamps, as they will starve otherwise.

So, what is our glorious Community Organizer in Chief doing about all of it? Playing golf, of course. Also, he's making vacation plans for Rio (I mean, really, it's been like 2 months since his last vacation, and he's been working sooooo hard [note the sarcasm oozing from those words]). And our esteemed Lamestream Media thinks it's wonderful that Obama spends millions on lavish vacations (at the taxpayers expense, of course) while the country, not to mention the world, is burning all around him.

I'm not going to mention the illegal immigration problems and the lack of leadership concerning a Narco-fascist regime being set up south of the border. Really, I'll not mention that our borders are so porous that thousands of illegals are still crossing the border, and our border guards are equipped only with beanbag guns (no real ammo or guns to protect themselves). I mean, what's the life of a border agent when we can have millions of illegals in this country draining our system dry? The illegals have more rights than the states have, according to BHO and the (ahem) Justice Dept.

And instead of focusing on getting this nation out of a recession and creating millions of jobs, this COinC is talking anti-bullying laws and tackling that pesky Second Amendment problem he and his socialist/communist/fascists comrades have with the Constitution.

Does anyone recall that Nero fiddled while Rome burned?

Let's face it, the leftist media attacked George W. Bush for playing golf a few time early in his presidency. He decided to stop because it didn't look good for a president to be golfing while wars were being fought and terrorists were running amok.

Now, Obama's has played 61 rounds of golf in two years (that really isn't much, especially if you are in the MSM and get tingles up your legs whenever BHO is mentioned), but that was more than GWB played in 8 years! Where is the mainstream media's outcry about this? They blasted Bush, and yet they give BHO a pass. Unlike Bush, Obama get smiles and pats on the back for being a wasteful president. Bush (or any other republican) would be getting slammed early and often by those in the press, and the liberal bloggers.

Say it with me: Hypocrites all!

And as for his frequent vacations? Don't get me started there.

This president has taken more vacations in two years than most Americans take in their lifetimes; and those folks spent far less in the process! I seem to recall the MSM making a big deal about Bush going to spend some time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Yet, I have heard crickets chirping in place of condemnation from the leftist media elites for Obama's frequent jaunts around the globe, not to mention the excessive Air Force One trips to speaking engagements all over America. He's using hundreds of thousands of dollars in  jet fuel per trip and not so much as a why? from the MSM.

He really needs to teleconference and save the money to pay down the national debt! Also, it would reduce Obama's Carbon Footprint! Just saying.

Okay, just to set the record straight (and if you have yet to notice), I'm not a fan of the current (ahem) president. I believe the man hasn't a clue how to be a president, thus I usually refer to him as the Community Organizer in Chief. That a job he can do, and I wish he'd go back to that job a.s.a.p.

That would open the door for a new president to step in and actually preside over our collective national problems, and those of the world. Someone who can speak without aide of a teleprompter and actually make sense in the process. Someone wish common sense and a love for the Constitution of the United States. This COinC has nothing but contempt for the document.

But, alas, 2012 will be the first opportunity to replace him. I doubt that Obozo and his insane clown posse (not to be confused with ICP, which has talent, albeit not in the biblical sense) will be impeached and replaced any time soon. He's such an utter failure that he should do the right thing and resign. It could save the nation! But I bet he doesn't. His Harvard-educated ego wouldn't allow that to happen.

So, I pray that sanity and common sense will prevail in 2012, as we elect a new president. I pray that the world will be much better off without the current COinC in charge of America. I pray that we elect a leader, not someone better suited for assembling protesters and thugocracies.

And I pray that when the next president is introduced to the world, the world does what most of us in the US will be doing... Breathing a collective sigh of relief.

I don't know who that president will be, but I do hope her initials are SLP.

Now that would be interesting!

But that's just my opinion, I could be right!

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