Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gov. Palin Leads while Obama Dribbles

The differences between Gov. Palin and Obama could not be more stark. Gov. Palin is set to embark on a trip to India to give a Presidential speech, "My Vision for America." On her way back, she will stop in Israel to meet with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. On March 23, she speaks in Naples, Fl. Gov. Palin has acted decisively throughout her nearly 20 years of political service and in all other aspects of her life. The liberals and the establishment Republicans do not recognize her lifetime of accomplishments - or perhaps they do and are mortally fearful of how she'll upset their little apple carts.

But, India recognizes Gov. Palin.

India Welcomes Governor Palin retrieved from PalinTV.

While a Japanese nuclear reactor is on the brink of meltdown following a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami, Obama's destination of choice is Brazil - to party. Obama's trip follows on the heels of compiling NCAA brackets, a Presidential function of supreme importance to our national security. When he was not compiling basketball brackets, Obama was toiling on the golf course perfecting his handicap. When he was not on the golf course, Obama was hosting all manner of music awards and parties in the White House. As a US Senator, Obama spent most of his time campaigning for the job he now holds. As a US Senator, Obama voted "present" an astounding 140 times. As President, he graduated to voting absent.

Maybe this is a good thing, for when Obama touches anything related to our nation, some form of irreparable harm occurs. Better that this immature boy dribble, golf, and party hard - and leave the important work to a woman who is a true leader with 20 years of proven results under her skirt.

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