Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion  3/9/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

Before you read this blog, watch this interview with Sarah Palin on a recent Sean Hannity show.;_ylt=AmaGKYT1WghI24I8SzQA2Xf9zp54

Okay, Sarah Palin has yet to decide whether to run for the presidency or not. I'm sure in the coming weeks she will make a decision. Running for president is not an easy gig and it is a very hard decision to make.

But (and this is my own feeling), if and when she announces her intentions, watch the mainstream media go after her like never before. And also watch how the MSM treats the rest of the GOP candidates. I'll wager that all of them together won't get one-tenth the grilling as she will.

And that's because of all of the potential candidates, Sarah Palin has already been vetted more than any other potential candidate in history. And it's all because the MSM and the liberal left knows that if she runs, she could win!

And that makes them all the more vicious in their attacks, and it will only get worse from here. They will smear her and vilify her like never before. They (the looney left) can't stand the fact that if she runs, she could win in 2012. They will do whatever it takes to make that an impossibility. I'm saying that no matter what they try to do, she'll just keep on going and gather more and more supporters as she goes.

The MSM will talk about her quitting the Alaska governorship, when it was the loony left that helped that cause along by filing or having filed many frivolous lawsuits against her. She left the governorship to save Alaska the money and aggravation, not to mention saving her own family personal bankruptcy.

The MSM will talk about her lack of experience. Of course, she has executive experience already. Sarah Palin knows more about foreign policy and energy issues than our current Community Organizer in Chief knows now, not to mention what he knew while a candidate himself in 2008. And the MSM will surely try to make her a pariah, yet they will treat the men who run with far more respect (again, I'll wager that will be the case).

The MSM and the liberal bloggers will say that she isn't qualified to run the country, even though she was a governor and a business owner. Yet Obama, who has never held a regular job, was (according to the MSM) qualified to be president. Aside from his community organizing gig, and a teaching post, he hadn't done anything in his life to prepare him for the presidency. Of course, he was a senator from Illinois (but only voted present most of the time). His decision making skill were already evident, yet it was overlooked by the MSM.

They will vilify Sarah Palin as divisive, yet the current Community Organizer in Chief is also very divisive. He has torn this country apart in two years and is dismantling the constitution before our very eyes. What part of that will the MSM actually acknowledge? My guess is nada.

And they will go after her family, yet not do the same for any other potential candidate. I know they will surely not do so with the current occupant of the White House and his family.

The media bias will prove once and for all that they hate anything and everything about Sarah Palin... And that will just prove to me and many others that she needs to run for president in 2012... Because she can win!

And the MSM knows it too!

But that's just my opinion, I could be right!

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