Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gov. Palin on Freedom Watch: No Namby Pamby Spending Cuts

Collective bargaining is a privilege, not a right; states must live within their means, and real spending cuts must be made to cut the federal debt, Governor Palin said tonight on Fox Business Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. When discussing the high-volume rhetoric in the Wisconsin state capitol building, Gov. Palin recalled the full-page ads union bosses took out against her when she transitioned pension plans away from cost-prohibitive defined benefits. "Governor Walker did what he was elected to do," Gov. Palin said.

"The volume [on the rhetoric] is turned up too high - and someone is going to get hurt," Gov. Palin said about the graphic death threats lobbed at some GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin. Gov. Palin reiterated her criticism of the 14 Democratic State Senators in Wisconsin who retreated across state lines rather than do what they were voted into office for. "Voters want their governments to be run like a business," Gov. Palin said. She found it ironic that the union thug bosses could force governors nationwide to outsource or privatize state jobs that currently are performed by union workers.

Governor Palin also reiterated her assessment that Obama is is disengaged and disinterested in the federal budget and our out-of-control federal debt. She dismissed rhetoric about the government needing to shut down as political posturing and said that the federal government which takes in $7 billion per day needs to prioritize spending.

Gov. Palin dismissed as "namby pamby" a GOP proposal to cut federal spending by a mere $54 to $61 billion, which is slightly less laughable than the Democratic party's $4 billion in cuts. She supported Rand Paul's $500-billion per year proposal.

Gov. Palin noted that a key difference between the states and the federal government is that "states cannot print more money or devalue a dollar. Spending tax payer's money is a sacred trust," Gov. Palin said.

On Libya, Gov. Palin said that Gaddafi is a madman who should be punished or at the least contained and that our President should talk less and show more leadership on this matter.

Palin on Wisconsin, Libya retrieved from Fox Business

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