Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gov. Palin on Hannity: No to Union Boss Thugs, Frivolous Spending

Gov. Palin tonight spoke out against union boss thuggery, Michael Moore's hypocrisy and frivolous spending through two segments of Sean Hannity's TV show. She regarded the leftist protests in Wisconsin as politically motivated. The state is a Democratic stronghold, and even a number of Republicans have benefited by union shenanigans, she said. Gov. Palin also said that the behavior of Democrats vis-a-vis the collective bargaining issue is reflective of their same behaviors with ObamaCare. She chided the 14 Democrats who left the state for "ducking and covering" rather than engaging in civil debate.
The union bosses - not the the good members - but the bosses are acting like thugs, Gov. Palin said. She recounted how she is a teacher's daughter, was a union member herself, and her husband Todd was also a union member. She said the union bosses with their demands are forcing governors nationwide to outsource.
Gov. Palin stood by her assertion that Michael Moore is a hypocrite. He regarded the GOP's actions in Wisconsin as being a "war on the working class," yet Moore does not use union labor in his movies.
On NPR and its CEO's derogatory statements about the Tea Party, Gov. Palin said she was glad to see video exposing an agenda she knew existed for years. She further added that spending on NPR, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting was frivolous and these programs should be "on the chopping block."
Gov. Palin took no issue with Julianne Moore playing her in an HBO movie but jokingly said that perhaps Moore should pay for her daughters' braces since she "is pretending to be me."
On 2012, Gov. Palin said she is still contemplating and wants to see if there is a GOP candidate willing to tackle the debt, deficit, and national security issues. Gov. Palin noted that in her 20 years in politics, she was always the first one to enter the race, but is taking a different approach because of the monumental nature of this race.
On the battle over spending cuts with the GOP proposing $60 billion and the Democrats $4 billion, Gov. Palin said the talk should be about $500 billion. She added that the cuts should be pursued this year. "We need to be strong and bold and fight for cuts now, not take baby steps to ratchet down a $14 trillion debt!" Gov. Palin said Obama is disinterested in what the debt is doing to our country.

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