Thursday, August 18, 2011

Palin on Greta: Obama Absent from Reality

"Does it matter where he is? Why bother making promises and spewing platitudes? Economies are crashing, markets are crashing...Obama is absent from reality...and burying his head in the proverbial sand and tickling his feet," Governor Palin said tonight about the President's planned 10-day vacation to Martha's Vineyard on Greta Van Susteren's TV show. The former Alaskan Governor was broadcasting from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska. She said perception is bigger than reality and Obama's vacation shows lack of leadership.

Van Susteren said Americans typically look to our sitting President for leadership and inspiration, even if they don't agree with him politically.

"We need empowerment of individuals, small businesses, and families," Gov. Palin said. Obama's "ideology is one of big centralized government planning the economy and making decisions for us."

Gov. Palin said "investors are taking money out of the market," adding that Obama's promise due 10 days from now will likely involve more spending and borrowing. "Government is not the answer to the problem."

She recounted how conservative governors such as herself vetoed portions of the trillion-dollar stimulus package, because it came with "fat strings attached to big, centralized government. It was not good for the Tenth Amendment and our sovereignties." Gov. Palin predicted that Obama would attempt another stimulus package upon his return from Martha's Vineyard.

She said the Tea Party "is a good model for Congress to follow." Most Tea Partiers have never been involved in government or politics before and many are independents. "We need to make common-sense decisions about the economy so we don't go bankrupt," she said.

Gov. Palin said Sen. Hatch is doing well "in terms of trying to get a balanced budget." She added that the Tea Party needs to "embrace his ideas for a balanced budget," something he has been purusing for decades.

In discussing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calling for the Syrian president to step down, Van Susteren observed that Clinton looked Presidential - more so than Obama. Gov. Palin said that while she cannot speak for liberal Democrats, she suspects that today they would have voted for Hillary in the Democratic primary rather than Obama.

Gov. Palin said Obama is "leading from behind. What does he desire to do as the leader of the free world? Very strange goings on."

When Obama campaigned on the rhetoric of "fundamental transformation," three years ago, Gov. Palin said people now should understand what he meant. "2012 can't come soon enough!"

Gov. Palin reflected on her gubernatorial inaugural address in which she said, "you can't put faith in an individual. Government cannot make you happy, wealthy, or wise. We have to look within ourselves and create our own jobs. Let's hire people. Be prudent, but be bold. Plan ahead. don't wait for the elite bubble in Washington, D.C.

Regarding the September 3 Tea Party rally to which she was invited, Gov. Palin answered Van Susteren's question about her Presidential candidacy decision. "I'm still contemplating. I'm determined to get this country on the right track. You don't need a title to make a difference and you don't have to hold an office to make a difference. I'm living proof of that," she said.

Gov. Palin's 8/18/2011 Greta interview pt 1 of 2 retrieved from SarahNET

Gov. Palin's 8/18/2011 Greta interview pt 2 of 2 retrieved from SarahNET

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