Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the Far North State of Alaska

By: LindaBee

In the far north State of Alaska,
A Conservative Lass resides.
And with her FaceBook "Note" smackdowns,
Knocks liberals flat on their backsides.

When she governed the 49th State,
She took no guff and cleaned it up.
With determination and moxie,
She jailed those who were corrupt.

She gathers no moss as she rolls along,
She's not one to dither or dally.
Liberals and leftists despise her,
Conservatives by her side rally.

So as the 2012 elections approach,
Don't wait for the termination dust to settle.
Sarah Palin will stiffen her steel spine,
And she'll show ALL, her "true blue" mettle.

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