Friday, July 1, 2011

A Personal Look at Sarah Palin and The Undefeated

By Donna Galloway
O4P/SE Texas Regional Coordinator

Last night I went to see an exclusive showing of The Undefeated, the new movie that chronicles Sarah Palin’s political history. As a long time Palin supporter, I was excited to be given the opportunity to see this movie before its public release. I went into the theatre believing that I would enjoy the movie, but I had not considered the impact that the film would have on me personally.

The beginning of the movie was filled with clips that I had seen before during the 2008 Presidential campaign, with the likes of Matt Damon, Rosanne Barr and David Letterman saying the most vile and demeaning things about this woman that they really knew nothing about. I sat there anger welling up inside of me, the feeling of protection for this woman who was unexpectedly thrust into national politics save for her love of Country and a servant's heart.

As I continued watching, the anger inside me subsided as her story was told. How she entered into politics and what she accomplished during her first two terms as mayor of Wasilla. As has occurred many times over the years, I was once again struck by the feeling “This is an amazing woman”. That feeling continued through the screening.

What many don’t know, including her supporters, is that Sarah Palin took her small town of Wasilla and grew it into a prosperous business community. It's because of Sarah Palin that businesses such as Home Depot and Wal-Mart came to her small town, which resulted in many jobs being created and the community thriving. But Palin didn’t stop there, she went on to serve on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and became the most popular and powerful Governor of the largest State in our Union.

She went on to become the first female Vice Presidential nominee of the Republican Party and has become the great defender of the American people, standing up and speaking out for us when nobody else would. While other politicians play footsies with the status quo and business as usual, Sarah Palin takes on the Democrats and those in her own Party who would have her sit down and shut up. It's at great personal sacrifice that Sarah Palin speaks out to restore the principles that our great Country was founded upon.

The Undefeated, takes what you know about Governor Sarah Palin and broadens your understanding of all she has accomplished and all she is yet to accomplish. I left the theatre last night knowing that it is up to every single Palin supporter to bring in people to see this movie. I believe that every Sarah Palin hater, especially those that think she is "ignorant" should see this movie and every former supporter who thinks she is a quitter should do so as well.
Don’t like Sarah Palin? See The Undefeated, I dare you!

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