Monday, June 27, 2011

One Mans Opinion  6/27/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

Once again, I'll say it loud and proud... I hate polls! The numbers vary from poll to poll, and there isn't really one that I'd trust for an accurate picture of the 2012 elections at this point in the campaign. There is too much time and too much that can happen between now and then, but as of now (according to most polls), Mitt Romney is the Republican front runner. Surprised? I'm not. The GOP establishment (the elites) will push hard for Romney, thinking that a Moderate Republican is exactly what the party needs to win in 2012.


What the Republican Party needs is an unapologetic conservative winning the nomination, not some RINO who believes in man-made global warming and likes government-run healthcare. Everyone will say that I'm nuts. They’ll say that we need a Republican in the White House - no matter who that Republican happens to be.


Let Romney get in the White House and it will be Obama-Lite. Anyone remember RomneyCare? Well, consider that Mitt Romney brought that little healthcare component to Massachusetts. For the most part, it’s riddled with problems and not too many people are happy with the results of Romney's healthcare experiment.

Why would we want Romney in the White House? So he could do for America what he did for Massachusetts… No thank you.

Back to the poll numbers: According to the polls (as of 6/26/11) Romney is leading from anywhere between 23 and 33 points. However, in a head to head between Romney and Obama, Obama wins handily. That doesn’t sound good, huh?

Now, let’s look at some of the others currently in the polls.

According to National Polls, which takes an average of all the polling data from the various polling organizations, Romney leads by 30% while Sarah Palin has 14%.

Excuse me, but Sarah Palin hasn't even announced that she'll be running or not, yet she’s in second place? Just imagine if she was running. I believe that she'd beat RINO Romney. She’s a powerhouse in the party and she’s got a following of millions. If she were to announce, I believe that she would outperform Romney in the polls by 10 points consistently.

Now, according to the polls, Obama would beat Sarah Palin also.


Sarah Palin is an unapologetic conservative that would defeat Mr. Obama because she stands for the values and core beliefs that most ‘average Americans’ hold dear. Obama sure doesn’t hold those beliefs, and we see how wonderful a president he’s turned out to be.

Continuing with the poll averages - Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann are tied with 11%, Ron Paul - 9%, Newt Gingrich - 7%, Rick Perry (who has yet to decide if he’ll run or not) 6%, Tim Pawlenty- 5% and others >2%.

Are you noticing a trend?

Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann are also unapologetic conservatives. If you added the points between Cain, Bachmann and Palin, you'd have 37%, or 7 points more than Romney. That means that nearly 40% of the people would vote for an unapologetic conservative. Under a third would vote for Romney. With a margin of error of 4%, Palin, Bachmann or Cain could still defeat Romney head to head.

As for the rest of the field, Ron Paul is too libertarian for most people. He’s a smart man and has a lot of good ideas, but some of Ron Paul’s views are too far out for most folks. Newt Gingrich is also a smart man, and hopefully he'll smarten up and leave the race; most of his staff already has. Rick Perry would be a decent guy to run, but I have issues with him on illegal immigration. And the rest: Huntsman, Pawlenty and anyone else considering the run would be well advised to skip 2012. Huntsman worked for Obama as ambassador to China and I wouldn’t trust his judgment on anything!

Comparing the real conservatives with the RINO's of the party, look what happened when the last RINO ran... John McCain got spanked, and we got the current Community Organizer in Chief. Do we really want that to happen yet again?

The last time an unapologetic conservative ran and lost was back in the 1960's when Barry Goldwater was defeated. And ever since then, the GOP has tried to run safe, middle of the road candidates. When Jimmy Carter occupied the White House, we had much of what we have today. We had high unemployment, stagflation, high gas prices (if you could find any), and a foreign policy that made no sense whatsoever!

Of course, Ronald Reagan wasn't the GOP's chosen candidate, but he defeated the progressive Carter handily. Reagan won 2 terms (1980 and 84) as an unapologetic conservative. George H. W. Bush won in 1984 after Reagan, claiming he'd continue Reagan's policies, but lost after one term because of his "Read my lips... No new taxes!" gaffe, as well as being a RINO! Then we got Slick Willie and one scandal after another. Yet he won 2 terms because he was a likable bubba... Well, that and Bob Dole (a middle-of the road moderate Republican) lost big-time!

George W. Bush won 2 terms as an conservative (a compassionate conservative) after the Clinton years (He had 9/11 to thank for a second term). His popularity waned soon after 2006 when the economy turned south (thanks to Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and the Democrat-controlled House and Senate as they destroyed the economy with the housing bubble bursting). And in 2008, the Democrats won the White House again, and we can see how badly the country has been screwed-up since then. The economy is in the toilet; foreign policy is a joke, and Obama wants four more years to make sure he can bankrupt America and redistribute its wealth to the rest of the world (most notably China)!

So, do you think we need a middle-of-the-road, safe RINO running and perhaps winning the White House? I say “Not only no but Hell No!” We had better hope for an unapologetic conservative running and winning the White House in 2012... Otherwise, we'll have 4 more long and disastrous years of Obamaville ahead of us.

Wastin’ away again in Obamaville,
Searching for a decent job.
Some people claim it’s his policies to blame,
Oh I know, it’s all George Bush’s fault!
(With all apologies to Jimmy Buffet).

That's just my opinion, I could be right!

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