Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gov. Palin on Hannity: Obama Can't Prioritize, Make Executive Decisions

Obama has no plan to address our $14.3-trillion debt; he cannot be trusted to manipulate the economy and our energy supply; and his plans make no sense, Governor Palin said tonight in a two-segment interview with Sean Hannity from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska. Our triple-A rating with Moody's is under review, because Obama has no plan to address the debt which continues to climb, she said.
"We cannot default. Now is not the time to retreat. It's time to reload! And reloading, means not handing over more power to...Obama."

Gov. Palin said proposals to hand-over more power violate Article I, Section8 of the Constitution. Congress should make the economic decisions, she said. "The numbers speak for themselves. We cannot trust him to manipulate the economy and energy supply. She mentioned QE2 with the possibility of QE3 and even QE4.

"I am not one to buy into the notion that we must raise the debt ceiling," Gov. Palin said. We must prioritize our debts...He cannot prioritize. that's why he suggested that Social Security checks would not be written...Our President's job is to prioritize, but he is not capable...he has no plan." She recalled how he made a similar threat that our military would not be paid. "Now, he's trying to use seniors as a pawn," Gov. Palin said, a circumstance she finds "absolutely shameful."

Both Hannity and Gov. Palin indicated that our daily revenue is sufficient to pay the interest on our debt, Social Security, the military and some other essentials. The non-essentials are what need to be cut. Gov. Palin said though she is against raising the debt ceiling, she knows it will be raised. "I would not vote to incur more debt - not under this President. I don't trust him," she said. Gov. Palin added that she would support Jim DeMint's plan to "cut, cap, and balance." She is against "dollar-for-dollar" debt increase and spending cut proposals because there is no way to guarantee that the needed cuts would be made.

"He does not know how to make cuts. He never had to use executive authority," Gov. Palin said.

The interview shifted to the Newsweek article, which Gov. Palin said was fair. "Boyer...wanted to talk about a successful executive who was pro-jobs, pro-private sector, and pro-energy independence," she said.

The interview concluded with 2012 talk as nearly all recent interviews have. Gov. Palin reiterated her oft-said quote that she would support a common-sense, fiscal conservative, with executive experience, who would work with a servant's heart. When asked about her own decision to run, Gov. Palin said "legally, there are time frames. By August or September, you have to be laying out a plan if you are serious about throwing your hat in the ring. That's the time frame."

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