Friday, July 15, 2011

As A Mother

Everyone sees it. The media is constantly all over what kind of parent she is or things her children do. As a mother and a daughter, I am furious about some of things they report.

Someone commented on my facebook before that Sarah Palin is a “retard” and has no control over her children. I take offense to this greatly. First of all, I hate the word “retard.” It is degrading and just plain mean. Second, just because Sarah Palin has a daughter who got pregnant when she was 17, it doesn’t make her a bad mother. I was 19 when I got pregnant and became a single mother. Does that make my mother a bad mother? There are a lot of reports that she didn’t talk to her daughter about sex and the consequences but a lot of parents don’t talk to their kids about sex anymore. And you are not in her home, how are you supposed to know what she talks to her children about. They teach Sex Education in school and, most of the time, that’s enough. Sarah Palin raised her children in church so she probably assumed that her daughter was doing the right thing. With that being said, people, adults and teenagers, make mistakes. It's human nature. But look what came, a beautiful little boy.

Also, Sarah and Todd Palin’s eldest son, Track, joined the Army and served overseas. Is this what not having control over your kids results in? I mean aren’t our troops the greatest people in this country? They stand on the front lines so that we can remain free. They do what most people in this world don’t even have the courage to do. They are soldiers. Soldiers for America! Can there be a greater honor than being the mother of a soldier, or father of a soldier?

I’ve also heard that she’s a “retard” because her youngest son was born with Down Syndrome. And her son was diagnosed while still in the womb and she didn’t terminate her pregnancy so she’s wrong. Are you serious?  She’s wrong because she didn’t kill her baby because of an illness or a disease? My son was born with Congenital Heart Disease, so I guess if he was diagnosed before birth and I didn’t terminate my pregnancy, if I didn’t kill my baby, then I would be wrong? To all of you who think this about her, me, or any other mother faced with this decision...SERIOUSLY, GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

You people need to find REAL reasons to hate Sarah Palin if you just have to hate her. Which, by the way, if you’re a Christian, you’re not supposed to hate anyone. Oh wait, if you’re a Christian, you’re not supposed to judge people! Sweep your doorsteps before you try to sweep others!

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