Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion 5/18/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I took a month off. I was working on another book and otherwise taking in the political landscape with one eye while keeping the other on the road-of-life that's ahead of me. Also, I had to take some time off in order to maintain my sanity - with all of the pre-election predictions and the calls for this person or that person to toss their hat into the proverbial ring.

Plus, it's a crazy time in America, and there's too many loons to deal with. It makes it harder to focus on the big picture. Speaking of the Big Picture, let's see what's been happening since we last talked.

Here's a good one - Birthergate (ala Donald Trump) and the now infamous Obama Record of Live Birth/ possibly forged (possibly, probably, whatever?) Birth Certificate/ Photoshopped copy of a possible faux copy of a possible faux Live Birth Record from someone that... Oh, you get the point.

Then there's the Osama/Usama (I say Osama, you say Usama...) bin Laden ordeal - as in bin Laden getting whacked Soprano-style by SEAL Team 6 (copyright - The Walt Disney Company?).

And then, there’s the $4 plus a gallon "Let's Take America to the Cleaners" campaign run by The Anointed One and his Socialist Green Friends (Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Injustice...). Obama says he wants to drill domestically for oil, just not anyplace where there might actually be any.

Now, This Week in Politics…

Donald Trump teased us all this past month or so, whether he'd run for President. That speculation ended Monday when NBC dangled the $60 million carrot in front of him for another season of The Apprentice. He says his passion is his business, and running for president would be a cut in pay for The Donald. I can't say that I blame him for garnering the publicity, but now - back to reality already in progress.

And least we forget the lackluster statement last Saturday on his Fox TV show, Huckabee, where Smilin' Mike said he'd not be in the running for the president's job. Did I hear a collective Awwww? Wait, that was my next-door neighbor about to sneeze. Never mind.

Then there is good old Newt Gingrich, who not only said he was running, but has already given most of us in the GOP reason to ask him to step aside already. This past Sunday, he blasted fellow GOP member, Paul Ryan, for trying to do a 'Right-wing social-engineering job' on America. Newt, one piece of advice, shaddup already! You may have a chance at getting a few votes if you do, otherwise you'll be giving more credence to Ron Paul.

Speaking of Ron Paul, he's announced his intentions to take the youth vote away from the GOP and hand another victory to Obama Bin Laden... I mean, the Community Organizer in Chief.

Let's face the facts folks... The election is a year and a half away and many big and not so big names will be entering the race between now and this fall. Nevertheless, the only one that people are still talking and wondering about is Sarah Palin. Will she run? Well, will she?

Now, here’s where I part company with conventional wisdom or plain old Vulcan logic. My basic questions are: Is she being shrewd and hanging back to see whose running? Or is she doing a Donald Trump and teasing us? I tend to believe in the former and not the latter of the two. She is looking at all of the potential candidates and doing what all potential candidates normally do (or should do anyway) - look for their weaknesses and use them to her advantage. She is a politician after all… But, before I urinate anyone (my PC term for not POing anyone), she's so much more. Sarah Palin is using the common sense approach to running for president.

If someone is going to run on a platform that is close to hers, she'll not run and back them, ensuring that person will get far more exposure than what might be otherwise expected.

But, if no one out there in GOPland has the cajones to run on what this nation truly needs to do in order to save itself from bankruptcy, rebellion, anarchy, etc., then look for Sarah Palin to come into the race (probably in the mid-summer/early fall - if I were a betting man).

Now, just as I took a month off to get my head together and do some other important work, I suspect that Sarah Palin is doing that very same thing. She's not the stupid bimbo, airhead that the lamestream media and the leftist bloggers would have everyone believing. She is a thoughtful, calculating woman who knows when the time will be right for choosing (strike while the iron is hot, Old Ben Franklin said).

I just hope that when the time comes, Ms. Palin will do what's right for America and run. I think after seeing the early contenders already in the running, and those that will run (Romney, et al), Sarah Palin could win the GOP nomination hands down, and take on that corrupt, anti-American bunch of nincompoops already running the nation.

But that's just my opinion, I could be right.

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  1. When The Ball is in your court.they play be your rules.Sarah Palin will gavel in the session when the seats are full and the players are all ship shape ready to go.

    Sarah Palin comes all prepared,not full tip Bozo and not know where to go.

    We know who that works,Huck,Donald,Newt,Mitt.How did that jump right in sit right down work for you!

    Sarah Palin only needs is to pick Her V.P.My Choice Col.Oliver North Most Respected Officer and gentleman By All Our Finest and Bravest.I Believe They'll follow Him All The Way,As I Would!

    But,Read It And Weep Rino's and Dumb Sheep!

    How Do You Like The Dinkiedow So Far?

    Well,I Guess You Had Me Confused With One That Might Give A Hoot,Semper Fi!