Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gov. Palin on Hannity: Just Say No to Lamestream Media

"I don't know why politicians have to apologize after getting dinged in a 24-hour news cycle," Governor Palin said tonight in a two-segment interview on Hannity's TV show from an undisclosed location. Her remark was in reference to New Gingrich's apology for saying that Paul Ryan's budget plan constituted "right wing social engineering."
Gov. Palin re-affirmed her support of the Ryan plan, which she said would save our country $1.2 billion per day, while Obama's policies are leading the nation on the road to bankruptcy.

She said that all Republican candidates need to be prepared for the "gotcha" questions from "leftist lamestream media." Further, Gov. Palin said "we should ignore the lamestream media. Don't let them change our position in a 24-hour news cycle and don't let the mainstream media dictate the debate.

Hannity played footage of David Gregory accusing Newt Gingrich of racism over his "Food Stamp President" remark - a reference to the spike in the number of people on the program since Obama took office. Gov. Palin said that the question itself was "racist-tinged" and false charges of racism are leveled to end the conversation. She said we should call the mainstream media out on this behavior. She said Gingrich's assessment was legitimate in light of our government's overarching, over-taxing, and over-spending ways.

Hannity noted that the media ignored Obama's association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, but plays "gotcha" with all Republicans. Gov. Palin said "we should ignore some of these reporters, use new social media and fair and balanced reporters and don't play the lamestream media's game."

On 2012, Gov. Palin said she is "still assessing, and the field will continue to change. People will come and go before that legal decision has to be made. I'm still thinking about it, praying and talking with family." She said she wants to see a candidate with Tea Party principles, who realizes that we are "Taxed Enough Already."

When asked which candidates she would like to hear from, Gov. Palin said "I want to hear from all of them. All human beings bring strengths and weaknesses to the table....I live for fighting for family, faith, and freedom in our country." Gov. Palin said it was still early to announce. "Once the line-up is set, I'd like to see if the candidate had the opportunity to cut over-spending and save other people's money, and protect our Second Amendment rights, and all our other Constitutional rights."

Gov. Palin reiterated her point that we should do our homework and not let the media define the candidates for us.

Gov. Palin concluded the interview re-stating her assessment from yesterday about the ObamaCare waivers going to Nancy Pelosi's district. "It's crony corporatism on a smaller scale. It's a corrupt system, this ObamaCare fiasco with all these waivers coming down. It's favoritism and it's unfair."

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