Monday, October 24, 2011

O4P-CA: Halloween Grizzly SWAG

In case you have not heard (coming to a Laptop near you) next Saturday October 29th is GRIZZLY FEST!

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O4P-CA wanted to lend a hand and help out our friends at Grizzly Fest in any way we could. One of our distinguising strategies that was highly effective in the 2010 election cycle was our use of donated and/or at cost SWAG.

SWAG = Stuff We All Get

(the term started in Hollywood with Academy Award celebrity gifting suites)

There are no big marketing budgets in grass roots politics. So, in order to get around that challenge we focus on: creativity, the present, fortitude, and of course...pizzazz.

Last year O4P-CA used guerilla marketing campaigns to target specific groups of people in unexpected places. The impromptu Mama Grizzly March in Beverly Hills was a great example of unconventional interactive political marketing with the electorate.

The anti business policies of Barack Obama and the permanent political class have made it a cinch to talk to small business owners about the state of our country and our economy.

Oftentimes Mom and Pop small business's are willing to donate their products and/or services when they find out what we're doing, what we're working towards, and what we believe.

Just ask.

It's no surprise that small business owners have absolutely no desire to see America fundamentally transformed. Just like most Americans these small business owners instead seek the restoration of our magnitude, our benevolence, and our constitutional republic based on the rule of law.

Because Mom and Pop's believe in the power and the opportunity of a restored American free-market economy; many of them are eager to lend a hand to our cause and help get our message out to the body politic.

Just ask.

As we approach an unconventional election cycle we need to think outside of the box, call in a few favors, and circumvent the shackles that America's permanent political class use against us.

Our work continues. Let's restore America.

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