Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sarah Palin Stands Upon America's Center Stage

By: LindaBee

In a surprising announcement in late August of 2008,

Governor Sarah Palin was selected as VP candidate.

From that point on she stood upon America’s center stage,

And her quiet family life would never be the same.

Soon everyone, everywhere, knew Sarah Palin’s name,

Her folksy appeal propelled her to a new found fame.

Sarah Palin’s enthusiasm fired-up the 2008 presidential campaign,

But soon she was restrained by those close to Senator John McCain.

After the 2008 election loss, Sarah Palin stayed in the game,

She began conveying her political messages via her FaceBook page.

She voices her opinions despite her critics’ outrage,

Sarah Palin continues to rise and shine on America’s center stage.

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