Monday, September 12, 2011

Gov. Palin on Greta: Tea Party Won CNN Debate

"I was very pleased with the [CNN] debate. It was a validation of the Tea Party movement by CNN....The real winner was the Tea Party movement," former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said tonight on Greta Van Susteren's show from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska. "Obama's big government agenda mirrors socialized Europe....It does not work," she said.

Van Susteren noted that only the only candidate who mentioned waste was Newt Gingrich. Gov. Palin said she noticed it too and it is one of the reasons she likes Greta. In discussing, "fraud, waste, and crony capitalism, Newt was right on," Gov. Palin said, adding that some of the other candidates likely did not discuss it because they voted for wasteful spending. "Going along to get along is the root of the problem. We need to hold these candidates accountable," she said.

"The problem we face is that candidate Obama promised to cut the deficit in half. He tripled it. Any of these candidates would be better than Obama," Gov. Palin said.

Greta cited as an example of crony capitalism, Texas Governor Rick Perry's former chief of staff lobbying for a drug company whose product is now required for immunization of young girls in Texas. Gov. Palin agreed that this is crony capitalism and added, "true reform is a tough thing to do in your own party. When you call it out, the big guns try to destroy you. I know. I've been through it over the past 20 years at the city and state level, then as a vice presidential candidate." Gov. Palin added that the establishment types like to use "Reagan's 11th Commandment" which proscribes speaking ill of fellow Republicans as their weapon to silence those who want to hold them accountable. But, "we must hold one another accountable," Gov. Palin said.

When the Perry immunization law took effect, Gov. Palin was in office and said "Alaska was not going to mandate immunizations for our daughters." She saw the bill as being out-of-character for Gov. Perry, but "knew there was something to it."

The segment concluded with a the usual questions and answers about Gov. Palin's decision regarding her potential candidacy in 2012. Van Susteren acknowledged that she and her colleagues have asked the question in as many sneaky ways as they could, and Gov. Palin said she was tired of giving the same "dopey answers to the same dopey questions." Gov. Palin said, "I am still engaged in internal discussions with my family, though I am getting a kick out of making a speech, then seeing candidates get out and discuss" it. When Van Susteren asked Gov. Palin if she had a "drop dead date in her mind," she did not take the bait. "Whichever path my life takes, I will continue to speak out against government over-reach, crony capitalism, waste, and fraud," Gov. Palin said.

Palin vs. Obama's Jobs Plan retrieved from Fox News

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