Monday, June 6, 2011

One Mans Opinion

One Mans Opinion 6/6/2011
By Dewaine Shoulders

Okay, first of all, I had intended to talk about something else today as part of my OMO blog, but the Weinergate story changed this week's topic for me.

As of last week, Anthony Weiner said point blank that he did not send any pictures to anyone. I watched the interview he did on Fox and he categorically denied sending any pictures to anyone. Of course, he couldn't deny it might be him in the picture, and that his Twitter account had been hacked, but he definitely did not send the picture in question.

Well, today he's confirmed that he's a liar of the highest order. Yep, he sent the picture, and more besides. Wow, I think Bill Clinton must have coached him on how to lie, then act humble and contradict yourself later. It worked for Slick Willie, so maybe it can work for the Weiner-man too!

Okay, so now, the little weasel has finally come clean (well, as well as you can clean up feces) and put on his little poor pitiful me routine before the press. What is he sorry for? That he did it, or that he got caught? I'd say the latter of the two.

But that's not the truly funny part of this twisted tale.

As some of you know, and probably most of you don't, I write a weekly blog called The Curious Urinal (I know, stupid name - I get that all of the time). Last Friday, I ran a story about Anthony Weiner and Weinergate. In it, he's being interviewed and snapping multiple pics of himself during the interview.

See it here at:

Little did I know that in a few short days, his arrogance and stupidity would be his undoing. And that I'd foreseen the multiple pics aspect of this story before the rest of the media did... Man, I'm on the cutting edge. LOL

But seriously, here's a man that said Glenn Beck was unethical, and his own lack of ethics pales anything that Beck could have dreamt of doing. The old adage certainly rings true here: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anthony Weiner is a corrupt and morally bankrupt man, in my humble opinion. He has let down his party, the people he supposedly represents, and most of all, his wife. I mean, they haven't been married all that long and he's sending out lewd pics, tweets and emails to different women he met on the Internet? And there may have been phone sex too? Ohhhhhhh la la!

And he says he won't resign.

Imagine that. Here's a man who would attack Glenn Beck - for telling the truth about the left and the power brokers in Washington - as unethical, and thinks what he did doesn't warrant resignation. Typical liberal logic.

In the immortal words of Mr. T, "I pity the fool!"

Sarah Palin’s been called everything under the sun by the left; blamed for numerous things that she had nothing to do with, and ridiculed for making stupid statements (which later prove to be true). To the left, she's a vile woman not worthy of breathing the same air as the rest of us. So, now I'm wondering if the leftist bloggers and media will call for Mr. Weiner to resign for his unethical behavior? Will they call Weiner out for his lies and misrepresentations? Will they say, "Vamoose, Weiner-man. Hit the road, bottom-feeder. Resign and take full responsibility, you loser! Go away and STFU!"? I doubt it.

I doubt that he'll resign, but stranger things in life have happened.

I've just heard that Nancy Pelosi may be calling for a committee to look into Mr. Weiner's activities to see if he's broken any congressional rules. If he doesn't resign, maybe the democrats could force him to do so... No wait, they let Barney Frank off, and countless others for reasons that are beyond me.

Now, if a republican had done this, you could hear the shouts from the left that they needed to go. We can't have that kind of behavior in Washington, etc. But when it comes to someone on the left doing something unethical, well, that's different! They are special!

Here's something to think about: If the republicans go after the Weiner-man, then he'll get support from the left as being a target of a right-wing witch hunt. That will garner sympathy for Weiner and this entire episode will be swept under the rug as a bad day at the office. That hypocrisy is what the left thrives on. If the republicans don't go after him, they look weak, and make the left more determined to ramrod anything they desire down America's throats and make us like it.

At least Richard Nixon had the common decency to resign for the Watergate scandal. The cover-up was worse than the crime itself, and Nixon took responsibility and resigned. Gerald Ford, upon being sworn in as president, pardoned Nixon and caused a stink throughout America and the media.

My how times have changed.

If Anthony Weiner has any morality about him, he'd do the right thing and resign. But when has anyone on the left ever really done the right thing?

That's just my opinion, I could be right!

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