Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gov. Palin on Freedom Watch: "Love to Give White House Fits"

"I would love to give the White House fits and give solutions to America's problems," Governor Palin said tonight during an interview with Judge Napolitano on his Fox Business show Freedom Watch from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska. "This is not about Sarah Palin. What does the middle class desire in government? They want Government to get out of the way," she said midway through the interview.
Judge Napolitano opened the interview asking Gov. Palin if she felt vindicated knowing that "there was no there there" in the 24,000 released emails and that it "showed you hard at work." She answered that press coverage shows their priorities are skewed. "I hope those who read the emails got to learn about oil and gas policy, energy independence, fish and game, the Second Amendment, why I opposed the stimulus plan...between having my personal emails hacked, and a former staffer hoarding five years of emails to put out-of-context in a book, I have nothing to hide."

On Congressman Weiner's resignation, Judge Napolitano asked if Gov. Palin thought Congress was right to demand his resignation or if the people of Brooklyn and Queens were entitled to have, "even a pervert representing them" if they so chose. "They are entitled to have someone like Weiner if that is what they really, truly want, but they deserve better." Gov. Palin said he should have resigned immediately, as his actions "rendered him impotent," eliciting a hearty laugh from the Judge.

When asked if Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is prepared to be President, Gov. Palin said "she is prepared," and touted Bachmann's Tea Party credentials, and "common-sense conservatism."

"Anybody but Obama," Gov. Palin said emphatically. Judge Napolitano asked Gov. Palin if she ever envisions herself in a debate like the one earlier this week featuring several 2012 candidates. "Once in a while, I do she said. It's natural. What I want to see is GOP contenders call one another out on their records...Obama was not vetted by his party [and the press]," she said. "I would want to know if someone changed their spots" and why.

Judge Napolitano said that a 2012 Presidential run by Gov. Palin would be a game-changer and give the White House fits. "I would love to give the White House fits and give solutions to America's problems," she said.

The Judge asked Gov. Palin if she thought any of the 2012 contenders were the "genuine article." "There's lots of genuine articles who understand common-sense conservatism, and free market values - some declared and some not." Judge Napolitano pressed further, asking "what if the GOP chose a big government Republican?"

"We have to make sure a nominee surfaces who supports smaller, smarter government. Even so, things cannot get any worse under a Republican administration. Anybody but Obama."

Gov. Palin concluded the interview saying that she supports Speaker of the House John Boehner's resolution on Libya. "Congress should stop Obama from engaging in a war a) we can't afford, and b) he has no consent for." She further stated that bombing combatants is not a support role, but is engaging in hostilities. But, Gov. Palin expressed her preference that Libya be resolved by Congress, not by the judicial system.

Palin - Napolitano 6/16/2011 interview retrieved from SarahNET


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